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  1. 논문 수락 - PRD(RC).
  2. Re-submit to PRL (1)

논문 수락 - PRD(RC).

It has been a long time to be accepted by PRD(RC).

The REFEREES' comments are

Second Report of Referee A -- LE11990/Kyeong 
The authors have addressed my concerns to my satisfaction. In particular, they have demonstrated that significant thought and study have been committed to the issue of correlations among the fitted signal yields and among the PDF parameters taken from the PDG that parameterize the resonance shapes in the fit to data. I believe the effects of such correlations are correctly accounted for in the results and the systematic uncertainties. Moreover, their modifications in answer to Referee B's concerns have significantly strengthened the presentation of the manuscript. In light of the recommendations in my previous report, I now recommend publishing the manuscript without further review or changes.

Second Report of Referee B -- LE11990/Kyeong 
This is the second review of this manuscript. The authors are to be congratulated for the additional studies they presented and their careful consideration of the reviewers' comments. This referee (B) is satisfied with the revisions to the manuscript, including the improved introductory and concluding paragraphs. Recognizing that ultimately the judgment on publication is qualitative, this paper does not appear to be of sufficient broad interest or importance to merit publication in PRL. This paper certainly advances understanding of charmless B-meson decay modes, but does not directly improve the polarization measurements of the vector-vector decay modes which can be addressed theoretically. The work reported in this paper is of the highest standard and it is important in the field. The paper should be published in Physical Review D. 

Report of Referee C -- LE11990/Kyeong 
This manuscript has been extensively reviewed by the two competent referees and after reading it I have no further comment other than join the praises for the excellent quality of the analysis and paper itself, and the validity of the results. The remaining point is whether this paper would satisfy the recently more tightened requirement on "substantial advancement" for a PRL article. Results presented in the paper are clearly providing important information for further understanding of the field of the hadronic B meson decays, which is essential to describe how New Physics would manifest itself in the charmless hadronic B decays. Although those measurements are important pieces of a complex puzzle needed to gain an overall picture, they themselves do not provide decisive information on possible appearance of New Physics. Therefore, if one applies very strictly the criteria provided by the PRL editor to the referees, I would resonate the conclusion of Referee B and recommend the paper to be published in PRD, even with the present format, may be as a Rapid Communication.

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Re-submit to PRL

The paper draft and its reply-manuscripts are re-submitted at July 15, 2009.
I am praying for the publication without any other comments and/or suggestions from the journal referees. It's too tired...TT


Dear Belle colleagues,

Just a few minutes ago, we re-submitted the paper #288.

We appreciate many helpful comments from and discussions with the referee committee members (Alan S., Rahul S., K. Sumisawa, and Yuan Chao), especially Alan for always encouraging us in various aspects of paper-writing and Rahul for all the helps with theories and physics discussions.  We also thank the pub_council members, especially Tom and Leo for their help with English corrections.  Oh, we should not miss Paoti for his valuable suggestions on the physics interpretation.

- Sunghyon Kyeong & Youngjoon Kwon

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Re: LE11990
  Measurements of charmless hadronic $b \rightarrow s$ penguin decays in the $\pi^+ \pi^- K^+ \pi^-$ final state and observation of $B^0 \rightarrow \rho^{0}K^{+}\pi^{-}$  by S.-H. Kyeong, Y.-J. Kwon, I. Adachi, H. Aihara, et al.

Dear Dr. Kwon,

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Thank you for your cooperation.

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