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  1. Paper submission to PRL

Paper submission to PRL

7개월동안 Belle collaboration으로부터
강도 높은 review를 하고 나서...
드디어 submit을 했다.
submit이 끝은 아니지만...
130명의동의를 얻은 논문이니만큼
journal referee들에게도, 긍정적은 대답을 얻기를 기도하며...

아래의 이메일은 논문을 submit했다는 것을
belle 공동 연구자들에게 보낸 것을 첨부했다.

Journal submit과 동시에
hep-ex archive에도 논문을 올렸고, 모두에게 공개되어 있다.

hep-ex/0905.0763v1 논문 읽기

Dear Belle colleagues,

Publication #288, entitled "Measurements of charmless hadronic b -> s penguin decays in the pi pi K pi final state and observation of B0 -> rho0 K+ pi-"  has been submitted to PRL today.

First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to our referees:
Y. Chao, A. J. Schwartz, K. Sumisawa, R. Sinha.

We also would like to thank many people who helped and contributed a lot to this paper, including
T. Browder, Y. Sakai, K. Trabelsi, A. Bakich (& Sydney people), Simon Eidelman,
M. Nakao, Y. Watanabe, P. Krokovny, P. Goldenzweig, Y. Unno and others for their inputs.

Thank you.

- Sunghyon and Youngjoon