'symmetry in brain'에 해당되는 글 1건

  1. Broken functional symmetry (F-symmetry) in the human brain.
The symmetry is the important thing in Physics. Somehow, however, charge and parity (CP) symmetry were broken at the early stage of Big-Bang... Similarly I think there was a functional symmetry (F-symmetry) in the human brain at the early developmental stage. However, it has not F-symmetry as we grown up. Each brain region has its own functions to encode our movements or speaking, and decode the complex inputs from visual, auditory, and sensory systems. The problem is that the left and right hemi-spheres don't have the same functional roles. I really wonder how and when the F-symmetry of the brain were broken... For example, the Wernike's (Broca's) area on the left hemi-sphere are activated when people are trying to understand the text (generating semantic words)... Also, Why the most people prefer to use right hand rather than use both hands at the same rate. Why it is lateralized to the specific hemi-sphere? We have to pay attention to figure out the origin of broken F-symmetry in the human brain. That's the role of Physicist working at Neuroscience research field. Having a curiosity on "why? why?, and again why?" is thing that I have to keep in mind as a physicist studying the brain.

June 26, 2011  

by Sunghyon Kyeong