'Europhysics'에 해당되는 글 2건

  1. The 2009 Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics at Krakow, Poland (3)
  2. Krakow, Poland (a beautiful city) (1)
Yeh!! I am now taking part in the conference at Krakow, Poland.
It's my great honer to join this program with the greatest Physicists in the world. For a Master's student, actually, it is very rare case to have a chance to give a talk at these kind of big big conference. Over 600 Physicists are gathered from all over the world. It's awesome!

To tell the truth, it is very difficult to understand the presentation for me.
People who come from English based countries speak their talk very very fast and its pronunciation is unclear. Therefore, listening the talks inside the session room is terrible time. Every word that come from my left ear is going out through my right ear. Nothing is remained in my head.kk

So.... from now on, I will just wait to the moment that the last talk is presenting.
I am now in Krakow, Poland (July 16, 2009) to take part in "The 2009 Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics". I am a nominated speaker to give a presentation titled with "b->s hadronic decays at Belle" on behalf of the Belle collaboration. It's too nervous to wait and prepare the talk tomorrow (09:00 a.m.,  July 18, 2009). I believe, however, I could do with my best efforts.

It was terrible time when I arrived at airport in Krakow 'cause It starts to fall down a heavy rain as soon as I get out the airport. So, I just stayed inside the airport about 30 minutes. Anyway, I took a taxi and safely arrived at Daisy Hotel in which it is located at the outside the city of Krakow.

<Daisy Hotel - wide view>

<Daisy Hotel - a sort of Beer Bar?>

I walked around Main Square which is known as the largest market in the world. For me, however, it doesn't interesting at all 'cause I have not enough money to buy something. The only thing that draw my attention was the old-cathedral. It looks like that the architecture was built in 500 years old or more. I felt something like weird. I think these kind of feelings are arised from my knowledge that Catholic made lots of mistakes long times ago. Whenever I enter the ancient Cathedral, my feeling (or mind) was uneasy.

<St. Mary's Cathedral>

<The view of Main Square>

Walking outside the Main Square is the way to go Wawel hill that is very famous place for tourists. However, It was nothing special for me.

<Outside Wewel hill>

<Inside Wawel hill>

These are all of my experience for the last two days.

After finishing my talk tomorrow (July 18, 2009), I will visit to the place that is known for an old Jewish town. In addition, I will go to Dunajec River Gorge and Niedzica Castle as for an excursion in Sunday. My staying in Krakow is excellent in terms of everything except for the one that I am alone. T.T Actually, I am here with two Korean Professors, one from Korea Univ. and another from Kyeongsang Univ. However, I really want to have a friend whose age is similar to me, thus the interesting topics are the same with me.

Anyway, please pray for my presentation in tomorrow!