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    July 20, 2009.


    I did a nothing special today.
    I just visit to Galleria which is very closed to Krakow Train Station.
    After looking around a mall, I wrote cards to my Korean friends and sent them. Still, I have to do something more before taking a Concert at night.

    As a purpose of spending a time, I read a book by sitting on a bench inside  Krakow city.

    It was a time, one hour before starting the concert. I closed a book and walk through Krakow old town. On the way to go St. Catherine Cathedral, I saw a situation that a street-artist was drawing a very nice looking guy. It was really attracted me to do the same thing. I haven't not enough time. So, I just satisfied with taking a photo of them.

    사용자 삽입 이미지

    Also, on the street, I saw a quite charming landscape. Actually, I don't remember that are..... Look at the sky!! Can you feel something like a peaceful?

    사용자 삽입 이미지

    Finally,  I arrived at St. Catherine Cathedral which is very closed to Wawel hill. The church was constructed in the last 14th century. This is one of the finest example of Krakow Gothic; the purest forms of Gothic crystallized here. Honestly, however, It's doesn't attractive for me anymore because I already saw several of Gothic style Cathedrals in Krakow, Poland. Anyway, I took a photo.

    사용자 삽입 이미지

    Inside the Cathedral, I enjoyed Kartowicz and Beethoven's music.
    I would like to list a program:
     - Mieczystaw Kartowicz (Serennade for Strings, Op. 2)
     - Mieczystaw Kartowicz (Violin Concerto A major, Op. 8)
     - Ludwig van Beethoven (Symphony No. 6 F major, Op. 68 "Pastoral")

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    On the way back to the bus stop TEATRA BAGATELA, I experienced another seen of Wawel hill that I already been in two days ago. The night scenery of Wawel hill was awesome!!! No words can describe how beautiful it is.

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