• Barcelona, Spain (2010 OHBM)
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    I visited to Barcelona, Spain to join 2010 OHBM conference.
    Barcelona is one of the beautiful city in European countries.

    Since I've arrived at Barcelona before starting day of conference, I could joined the beautiful views of the city.

    The Columbus monuments is the landmark of Barcelona. This monument is placed at the site where Christoffel Columbus arrived in 1493 after his discovery of America the year before.

    <Statue of Columbus - more than 7 meter high>

    <A flying pigeon around the port of Barcelona>

    Montjuïc is well known place for Korean. Because, in 1992, Young-jo Hwang won the olympic marathon with the big applause from many spectators in the stands of the Montjuïc Stadium. 

    <On Montjuïc>

    The museu Nacional D'Art de Catalunya has the combined features of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art.  At the night time from 9:00 pm to 11:00, we can see the beautiful magic fountain show in front of the Museu Nacional D'Art de Catalunya. 

    he Museu Nacional D'Art de Catalunya>

    Park Guell contains amazing stone structures built by Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi was strongly influenced by natural shapes and used them in his work as following.

    <Parc Güell - the state of the art architecture built by Gaudi>

    In addition, I've enjoyed multi-colored tiled mosaic roof of the builds. The vibrant colors of the tiles are truly breathtaking.

    <Parc Güell - the amazing architecture built by Gaudi>

    Barcelona has the golden sandy beaches. 

    <A clean and cool beach>

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